Monday, July 18, 2011

Let there be (efficient) light

When we moved into our house, lo those five plus years ago, there were light bulbs in the fixtures. They were the normal bulbs and not the lovely (and cooler in rooms with lots of bulbs - important in my hot climate) energy-efficient bulbs that I would have purchased. It seemed so wasteful to just pull out the old bulbs that worked fine and how long could they last, really?

Evidently a long, long time.

Today I treated myself - the eight hot light bulbs in my bathroom are replaced! Perhaps I shouldn't wait five years to treat myself like this again. Aren't I worth $10 in bulbs? Don't answer that.


  1. Hmmm... Weve been in our house one year & are already replacing bulbs! You are definitely worth the $10!!

  2. We've been gradually replacing all of our bulbs like we did in the old house. Definitely keeps the house cooler!

  3. And you are worth way more than $10 in bulbs... $20 AT LEAST! hahahahaha